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Hi there, saw your post plugging this community. I was thinking of doing something similar, since I seem to have accidentally attracted notice from a supportgod for my activity in comms. This actually mainly consisted of answering lots of 'why can't I search for communities by interest?' questions with, 'sorry, known issue'. However.

So I'm more than happy to help you play around with the system, cos hey, it wouldn't be a bad support speciality to have, all told. And arguing is always good.

Don't know if this is the kind of thing you had in mind, but: what's the deal with this Tony Martin chap? Seems like the world ok, the media, is divided into people who think he's some kind of hero, and people who think he's an evil violent man. Nobody seems to feel as I do (ok, except perhaps the original court that transmuted his crime to manslaughter), that he did something wrong in circumstances that were at least somewhat mitigating.
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