Midnight (midnightmelody) wrote in wonderfuldreams,


Why this lack of threads? Oh well, I'll start another one.

There are people in my life who I do not communicate with very well. Our styles of interacting are different and so we'll talk at cross-purposes, or offend each other, or at the very least not get anywhere constructive. The way I usually deal with that is to avoid talking about significant things with them. The way I sometimes deal with it is to insist on communicating anyway, to get through all the misunderstandings to reach a mutual appreciation, and preferably a consensus. I figure it's important to do so because these people often have insights I don't, from thinking in such different ways. And they can sometimes act as my translator to other such people. I can't do it more often, though, because it's always required a *lot* of time, and while the result is fulfilling, there aren't enough hours in the day to do this with everyone I meet.

I'm thinking about this because some of the jobs I am applying for this year would require me to work in small firms, and others would specifically employ me as a one-to-one communicator without the luxury of two years with my clients. Also because there's someone with whom I'm miscommunicating at the moment, and it's hugely frustrating for me.

So how does everyone else manage this communication thing? Am I just too scientist-trained to be able to do it effectively, or do other people have problems too?
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