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We'll weave such a wonderful dream
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Thursday, November 27th, 2003
12:22 pm
Why this lack of threads? Oh well, I'll start another one.

There are people in my life who I do not communicate with very well. Our styles of interacting are different and so we'll talk at cross-purposes, or offend each other, or at the very least not get anywhere constructive. The way I usually deal with that is to avoid talking about significant things with them. The way I sometimes deal with it is to insist on communicating anyway, to get through all the misunderstandings to reach a mutual appreciation, and preferably a consensus. I figure it's important to do so because these people often have insights I don't, from thinking in such different ways. And they can sometimes act as my translator to other such people. I can't do it more often, though, because it's always required a *lot* of time, and while the result is fulfilling, there aren't enough hours in the day to do this with everyone I meet.

I'm thinking about this because some of the jobs I am applying for this year would require me to work in small firms, and others would specifically employ me as a one-to-one communicator without the luxury of two years with my clients. Also because there's someone with whom I'm miscommunicating at the moment, and it's hugely frustrating for me.

So how does everyone else manage this communication thing? Am I just too scientist-trained to be able to do it effectively, or do other people have problems too?
Sunday, September 14th, 2003
11:26 pm
International subsidies and the third world.
How does everyone feel about international subsidies and their effect on the Third World? I personally feel that this is one of the most important issues facing our world today. For those of you who feel compelled to act I would encourage anyone compelled to act to visit the Oxfam Website
Monday, August 25th, 2003
10:55 am
Not making the *whole* world a better place, but making my world slightly less tricky . . .
After living for three years in primarily non-Christian circles, it's perhaps a little late to be consulting the FAQs, but never mind.

What is the best way to deal with a friend who is behaving badly? ie hurting themselves and other people, and acting in a way that they would also see as ungood, not just 'badly' from my perspective. If they were a Christian, I'd go with sympathise with the factors that got them there, but refuse to condone it, and then help them stop. I tried it last night, though, and ended up feeling like a horrible person.

On a more general note, how do you all cope with the communities that form without an underpinning set of rules? With allegiances (for want of a better word) being so flexible these days, it's difficult to know what expectations other people have of friendship, community etc - much more simple when everyone you knew had lived in the same town all your life. Argh, I'm not explaining this very well, perhaps 'cause I'm not properly awake yet. :) Perhaps an example . . . in my view of friendship, friends build up a certain amount of 'credit' that allows them to hurt me on occasion, without me giving up on them. What if they don't agree? Is that going to cause tension in that relationship? On the other hand, it seems unduly committee-like to sit down with a potential friend and draw up a constitution. :)

Current Mood: thoughtful
Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
4:29 pm
Climate change
Well, nobody's posted any juicy discussions here for a while, so I thought I might as well try again. This is inspired partly by a discussion I've been having IRL recently.

So, global warming. Does it really exist? Do you care? If so, is there anything practical, and hopefully potentially effective on a global scale, that we can do about it?

Current Mood: thoughtful
Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
2:20 am
Stereotypes, Conforming and Survival
Inspired by the discussion livredor linked, and expanded from a post I made there.

Although I usually favour diversity and dialogue, there is a lot (particularly in fast changing situations) to be said for the ability to rapidly and accurately pidgeonhole people. If you can pidgeonhole someone, you know how they will react and hence approximately how far you can rely on them and for what, possibly without ever having met them. Knowing who will do what can be invaluble in a situation which is either moving fast or one where complex plans are called for, and there are many situations where it is impossible to know all the individuals concerned in advance.

Such situations crop up far more frequently in either a rural economy where you are unlikely to have much contact with your neigbours, but may need to rely on them, or in a rapidly changing society under extreme stress, where you need to be able to trust your allies even if you don't know them, and there are too many of them for you to know e.g. the army. These two are by no means the only situations where such occurs (having been kidnapped along with 200 odd other people, of which I'd previously met 2 for one day each, I speak from experience).

The ability to rapidly and easily pidgeonhole people, and the ability to fit into pidgeonholes are therefore useful survival traits in dificult situations, and the ability to conform to some subset of society's norms is therefore highly benificial for both the individual and for a society when that society comes under stress. Also if the group is under stress, the most dangerous thing one can do is to stand out from the crowd because that will probably get you noticed by whatever is causing the stress.

Remember that when someone tries to pidgeonhole you, and you find this objectionable that what you are objecting to shouldn't actually be the process of pidgeonholing, but the fact that they are doing it badly, and part of the fault of this is ascribable to you because you don't fit neatly into a pidgeonhole.

Current Mood: creative
Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
11:24 pm
This discussion absolutely amazed me. Lots and lots of material to chew over. I'd be very interested in people's reactions to this.

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Thursday, July 31st, 2003
4:28 pm
East is east and West is west and Never the twain shall meet
With the current advances in genetic manipulation, much has been said of a rose that looks and tastes like a banana smelling just as sweet. This is neither particularly important nor particularly desirable beside what can be accomplished by the modification of humans.

Much unhappiness is caused by people being uncertain of their place in society or their reason for existance. Think how much existential angst there is in the world, and how much uncertainty there is about the future. if everyone knew what their place in society was and that they were suited for that, then there would be no cause for unhappiness. Under the current climate this is clearly not the case (one only has to look at the goth community to see that society is overflowing with existential angst)

My modest proposal is that if we can advance genetics far enough then for every job we will be able to create a specific human. This will end unhappiness- how can someone be unhappy when they are doing that which is expeditous, wise and best for them, and a job that they were created to do. This would simultaniously reduce human unhappiness because everyone would know their place and their use to society, as proven above, and would increase human efficiency due to everyone being designed and optimised for their specific job. For the few unfortunate souls that are still unhappy, obviously you can't get the engineering perfect first time, and these mistakes can be repaired.

Furthermore, you could optimise humans for specific functions that are currently impossible for humans to perform unaided. You could make many people green skinned due to chlorophyl, meaning that they didn't need food and could survive very well in sunny environments. For space you could go for a black rubbery skin, very light bones and a massive lung capacity with the goal of having people capable of surviving in space without a space suit. You could even go further here and say that in space, two arms good, four arms better. For swimmers you go for a blue skin, gills (probably over the rib cage for more direct access to the lungs), webbed hands and feet. For politicians you want a gleaming silver so they can be seen, a teflon coating and a transmitter to warn you of their approach. You can do a simmilar process for almost every job conceivable.

I have a dream that one day a man can be judged not on the content of his character but on the colour of his skin.

Women, of course, will be completely incomprehensible whatever happens.

Current Mood: quixotic
2:37 pm
Cool, what shall our next discussion be on?
Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
6:06 pm
Support-y stuff
Right, now a maintainer of this community. (The colour change was just to see if I could; I'll change it back if people find it offensive!)

It's really not at all obvious that you can alter the community settings using the same links you normally use to modify your own journal, is it? And in general it's a bit silly to have to go through the FAQ to find the relevant links. I'm surprised we don't get more requests about that. Anyway, thanks again for letting me jump on the bandwagon.

Current Mood: productive
3:57 pm
Hi there, saw your post plugging this community. I was thinking of doing something similar, since I seem to have accidentally attracted notice from a supportgod for my activity in comms. This actually mainly consisted of answering lots of 'why can't I search for communities by interest?' questions with, 'sorry, known issue'. However.

So I'm more than happy to help you play around with the system, cos hey, it wouldn't be a bad support speciality to have, all told. And arguing is always good.

Don't know if this is the kind of thing you had in mind, but: what's the deal with this Tony Martin chap? Seems like the world ok, the media, is divided into people who think he's some kind of hero, and people who think he's an evil violent man. Nobody seems to feel as I do (ok, except perhaps the original court that transmuted his crime to manslaughter), that he did something wrong in circumstances that were at least somewhat mitigating.

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